Darien Nathair

"I'm just trying to pass through. I don't want trouble, but if you stand in my way, you won't live long enough to regret it."


Any who are lucky enough to see him often wish that they hadn’t. A slim, yet muscular, man with clever green eyes and dark red hair wearing black boots, dark grey pants, a black sleeveless shirt, black gloves, a black bandanna, a cloth with a strange design on it hiding his face, and a black cloak covering much of his body; he has the look of a man who is best left alone. To most strangers his eyes have a neutral emotion. He seems neither to enjoy or dislike most strangers. Kind people and friends are often reassured by the genuinely kind look in his eyes and his normally good mannered nature. To his enemies and those who annoy him however, his eyes turn cold as death itself and seem calculating. This accompanied by his often calm and reserved voice suggest a threatening danger beneath what is visible.


Since the moment of his birth, Darien Nathair was raided as a member of the shadowy unofficial house of isiles. During one of his training evaluations, Darien made a grab for a ledge close to the top of a bell tower. The tower was tall, the stones where loose at the top, and o top of that, it was raining. Slipping off of the side of the tower, Darien accepted his death, but as he landed he found that he barley felt any pain. Once it was determined that he was indeed an air aspect, e was trained in Night Breeze style and acquired several helpful items that would help him be discreet. Not one to be known as a common killer, Darien never accepts a contract kill unless there is a very good reason behind it. He often shies away from the company of large crowds to seek a quieter place, but he has a strong sense of right and wrong. He accepts laws as they are, but he doesn’t have to like them, especially in the case of slavery. The only thing that he hates more than that law are politicians. He feels satisfaction when helping those in need, but he delights in punishing his enemies even more. Few people know what some of his assignments demanded of him, but one thing is certain; whatever happened to the 34 year old on those missions changed him. The experiences shaped his attitudes, sharpened his skills, and gave him a purpose; To find the Empress and try to right the things that he sees are wrong with the empire.

Darien Nathair

Exalted: The Jade Standard SwiftShadow