• Cynis Xacho - Jahren

    Cynis Xacho - Jahren

    Black Market Merchant Extraordinaire
  • Darien Nathair

    Darien Nathair

    "I'm just trying to pass through. I don't want trouble, but if you stand in my way, you won't live long enough to regret it."
  • Sesus Romanov

    Sesus Romanov

    Military leader that specializes in hunting rouge spirits and reeling pagan villages back into the fold.
  •  Silvarian Scimitar

    Silvarian Scimitar

    "This was never a battle of wits, never a contest between equals. you've lost! NOW GET THE FUCK OUT OF MY WAY!!"
  • Ashley Ligar

    Ashley Ligar

    "uh huh..., yes..., I see..., alright please, I understand that you... have some... type of grievence, was it? theres is ink and parchment over on the lecturen. if you wouldnt mind writting it down for me i'll adress it as soon as i have an opening."
  • Faraiya Zuliair

    Faraiya Zuliair

    "this is the moment, this is my time. let not the clear waters of a true future slip through the reigns of an unsteady hand. im ready for this"
  • Kei'ya'Bai Stillmoon

    Kei'ya'Bai Stillmoon

    "your pain is over, dont try to speak i understand your excited, so am i. just a few more moments and you'll be another step ahead of me. no worries friend im right behind you"
  • Mandrake Setzu Yama

    Mandrake Setzu Yama

    "There can be no hope for you, no once of water, no shard of light. my dominion is the hearts of mortal men. With this hand i claim whatever it is you hold most dear, with the other i give you dispair"
  • Osharick Atar

    Osharick Atar

    Athletic built male, brown hair pulled back in a braid with the sides of his head shaved. Blue eyes.
  • Victor Dueces

    Victor Dueces

    "I know it wasn't your fault but our benefactor doesn't see it that way. take this, dry your tears. I'm sure we can come to some reasonable arrangement "