Exalted: The Jade Standard

A Grim Reminder
A Snake's Old Skin

As I walked through the court, visions of that mission during the snow storm come back. And Ashley’s white mask; it reminds me of my old team member. The measures we had to take to survive that blizzard in the small ill equipped camp that we had to take shelter in after we had cleared it of enemies. The members of the court don’t even know my face or name yet. Perhaps I should reveal my true nature to them. I may not have a choice if things get much worse. I fear that I have gotten soft. May be that it’s time to return to my old ways, though the others in the court may be disturbed by them.

Never A Dull Moment (Session 1)
A quick reflection on the days events by Sangwin.

As I made my way through the city’s back alleys, a familiar wind elemental from Silvarian informed me that our black marketeer had been unable to do his job and that I was to head to the location where the attack was to occur. When I saw the masked men and the spirit I broke cover and gave chase, sort of. I was actually outpacing the spirit as we where both heading to the same spot. To my surprise, Lazara was already there, standing next to a man who we later found to be none other than the vile bastard Mandrake. Two other comrades of mine came charging in and broke up the masked men. The conversation having been interrupted, I decided to capture two of them for questioning. I took great care not to harm them, as it isn’t easy getting answers from someone who has half their teeth knocked down their throat and the other half imbedded in their tongue. When I arrived back at the Jade Court, my least favorite kind of person was talking to Silvarian, the magistrate. I really hate politicians. And I was right to assume that she would be the same. She saw the two that I caught and claimed that they where her prisoners. The nerve of that bitch! I don’t care what position she is in. She didn’t fight and she didn’t catch them, so she has no right to take them. Thankfully, Silvarian said what we all wanted to and basically kicked her out. Good thing too, I could tell by the way that she looked at those two; had she taken them, they would have met with a dark fate. Lazara impressed me with how easily she gathered useful information from them. I hope those two will be okay. They where acting as vagrants, but they don’t seem too bad. After all, even if it was a pretty half assed attempt, anyone who wants to kill Mandrake is okay in my book. That man in the hat who came in during the questioning has me concerned. He seemed far too casual and calm for the situation. Probably the reason why Silvarian wanted me to vanish and keep an eye on him. And as if I didn’t have enough to do, Romonov wants to meet me to discuss something. Honestly, I bring back two people who give up usable information without injuring them and I have two people barking orders in my ear. Silvarian wants me to tail someone, but hasn’t told me who. And Romonov wants me to meet him at midnight. Everyone in the court is skilled and I trust them. Osharic takes his time now and again, but his skill makes up for it. But it would be nice to have a little gratitude now and then. No one said well done or good work, they just keep telling me what to do. I admire the work ethic, but a little appreciation would be nice now and then. Kira never even gave me the noodles that I asked for. Then again, that is one of the drawbacks of being me. I spend so much time trying to avoid detection that it can be hard to get anyone to pay attention to what I say. hehe, just part of the job.

Masks and Monkeys (Session 1)

(Read background of group and Granite Monkey before this because I will not rewrite the setting that back drops this scenario)

Upon arriving in harbor I was met by Faraya whose intent was to escort me to Silvarian for debriefing on the current mission status was, being related to Mandrake and the incident with my noble House in the north, I was more than willing to join her on her steed and make good time. Mid-route we were met by a wind elemental that carried a message from Silva. Xacho was keeping his finger to the pulse about a potential attack coming up, but the date must have gotten moved up without him knowing because it was occurring days early. Faraya changed directions to the part of town conveyed by the small god. While speeding through the city streets adorned with spirit jars and lanterns, I couldn’t help but notice the large population of monkeys, an infestation of the things really. Then they were joined by a group wearing well-crafted monkey masks using an elemental to travel the city at greater speed than even Faraya could match. By the time we caught up with them the rest of the Jade Court was on scene. My only needed instructions from Faraya was that these masked men were indeed the ones behind the attacks that were painting my House with shame. I intended to pay back to them every bit of it. After a short bout with the men and elemental, one disappeared with the God, claiming revenge on Mandrake. Blast! Mandrake was there the whole time watching! Not like we could have influenced him in the streets in the Realm. Now a far off satrap that takes weeks to report back… that would be different. Xacho and I intend to look into a spirit stone that me found on one of the masked attackers, its God is from deep in the south and is worth divulging the connection. Dragons, I pray for strength and for justice to be brought to that dog Mandrake!

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