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Children of the Blessed Isle, soldiers and priests, Exalted of the Immaculate Dragons and those who toil in the dust, hear me.

Know that the wars and the Contagion are over, now and forever.

Know that the Fair Folk have been driven back to the empty places beyond the walls of the world and that it is my power that has done so.

Know that those who sought unlawful dominion over the Blessed Isle have been vanquished and their bones sunk beneath the mire at the bottom of the hungry seas.

You have peace.

This is my gift to you.

I think you are all wise enough to accept it.

Your gift to me shall be obedience. For I am the Scarlet Empress, she who has laid waste to the Fair Folk and washed clean the Contagion and she who has protected the Blessed Isle so that you might live.

Mine is the power and the right to rule, and mine is the power and the right to destroy all those who would threaten this land.

Let it be proclaimed, therefore, that the Realm has risen and that the Scarlet Empress reigns over it with honor as its shogun and queen.

Let it be proclaimed that the subjects of the Realm do fealty to the Empress and serve the Realm faithfully, for it nurtures and protects them even as the Empress does.

And let the enemies of the Realm tremble, for there is no power in all Creation that can stand against it.

Rise chosen of the dragons for it is onto you that the mandate of heaven has passed. in the shadow of the imperial mountain beneath the stony likeness of a lost monarch. those burden with stewardship of the land struggle to maintain the shards of the past in hopes of preserving their claim to a future.

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Welcome to the Jade standard. A gaming space designed to keep you in the game even when we are not in session. Feel free to look around and post in the forums. This is your space.
There are a few things to keep in mind about the structure of this site:

Each module we play will have its own page that will cover information about the setting and important.

There are a number of forum topics that are meant for specific chat. Try to keep post in related topics that are appropriate.

If you lose track of where we are in the game check the adventures log for updates about important events that have occurred in the game.

Best of all, there are weekly exp bonuses based on Forum participation. The bonus for each topic will be listed in the topic name if there is one associated with the thread.

Exalted: The Jade Standard

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